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Watch tower videos of other players and see how they did it!





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Mobile Game Trailer 



Can you build a tower of words without toppling over?

Ascend to new heights as you add and connect thousands of words to form a rising skyscraper! But gravity is your enemy. Lean too far to one side, or risk placing a word that is too long without support, and your entire tower can collapse before your eyes!

Expand your vocabulary by entering a world of words, towers, and magical wells!

Catch words out of thin air in Mishmash mode and build your way up the word tower without collapsing! Or construct your own words in the epic challenge of Classic mode! Conquer magical wells in the sky, collect shamrock letters, get lucky with the keys to unlock treasure chests, collect runestones and accumulate wealth! Embark on the quest to unravel the mystery of the Book of Words!

– Real physics-based tower building
– Two game modes, Mishmash for beginners, and the more challenging Classic
– Endless tower building, construct the highest word tower ever
– Includes word definitions
– Numerous hints to keep you going
– Videos of towers for viewing and sharing with friends
– No annoying banner ads; Watch ads only by choice
– Leaderboards for the highest towers and highest levels. Challenge your friends!

Crossword players who enjoy how words connect will certainly like Mishmash, while Scrabble fans will have fun creating their own words in Classic mode! If you love addictive word games, puzzles, brain games, spelling, strategy, or tower building using real physics, then look no further, WordCrafting: A Tower of Words is the game for you!

Have fun!


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WordCrafting is free to download.